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Disinformation on social media, a new challenge for the European Union

The Faculty of Communication of UCAM held a conference today, Tuesday 9 May, to commemorate Europe Day, addressing the lack of knowledge in society of the work carried out by the EU institutions

Disinformation on social media, a new challenge for the European Union
The Faculty of Communication celebrated Europe Day in its television studio

With the aim of promoting communication about the EU institutions so that citizens can learn how their decisions affect their daily lives, the Faculty of Communication of Universidad Católica de Murcia held the conference 'Communicating Europe', a commemorative event for Europe Day.

At the inauguration, Adrián Zittelli, General Director of the European Union of the Autonomous Community of Murcia, stressed that ‘the 500 million Europeans are called to celebrate this common project that is the European Union, and UCAM is a great place to do so’. Zittelli stressed that ‘the digital age and social media magnified the problem of misinformation about the EU, which is why the European Commission is focusing its efforts on easing this situation’.

Pablo Blesa, UCAM's Vice-Rector for International Relations and Communication, agreed and expressed his satisfaction at the students' participation in this event, emphasising that ‘UCAM is a pro-European university; we have students from the 27 member countries, and for this reason we offer training in which we transmit the work carried out by the institutions of the European Union to them’.

The event, which took place in the television studio on the Los Jerónimos Campus, brought together students from the degrees in Journalism, Audiovisual Communication, and Advertising and Public Relations. The closing round table was attended by UCAM Communication and Law students Daniel Raja and Daniela del Mar Barliza; EU expert Karim Hallal Peche; and the director of the Region of Murcia Office in Brussels, Lucía Huertas, who concluded that it is necessary for journalists, disseminators and governments to work together.