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The CYD ranking singles out UCAM for the international orientation of its educational offer

The study especially values the extremely low drop-out rate, the high employability of the students of UCAM Universidad Católica de Murcia and its contribution to the regional development. It also highlights the private funds inverted in transfer, own and collected, that are the result of the close relation with the business world

The CYD ranking singles out UCAM for the international orientation of its educational offer
International students welcome at Plaza Cardenal Belluga in Murcia

UCAM Universidad Católica de Murcia has become a centre of attraction for students from other autonomous communities and other countries, boosting its international orientation. This is evident in the new report by the Knowledge and Development Foundation (Fundación Conocimiento y Desarrollo - CYD) which developed a new ranking that values the commitment of UCAM for the university international fabric when it comes to teaching bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English. Thanks to it, around 4,600 foreign students participated in the teaching programmes. This was very positively evaluated, together with the internships abroad carried out by the students of this university. Furthermore, UCAM stands out again for its contribution to the regional development with a high rate of publications and research funds that had a direct effect on the Region of Murcia.

It also stands out the raising of private funds by the university in the section of knowledge transfer as well as the number of open access publications in the research section.

The CYD ranking, in which UCAM participates voluntarily, is useful for this institution to identify its strengths and weaknesses and to define those points to be improved for a constant development, both of general aspects of the institution and of more specific indicators of its degrees. Teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation, contribution to the regional development and labour insertion are the sections analysed by the CYD Foundation.

Business Administration (BBA), Criminology and Law

In this edition of the ranking, three of the degrees offered by UCAM were analysed: the bachelor's degrees in Business Administration (BBA)Criminology and Law. With regard to Business Administration and Management (ADE), UCAM stands out as one of the best universities in Spain as for the labour insertion of its graduates and for the ratio of students per teacher, which is the result of the premise of the University to establish small groups. This factor affects the low drop-out rate of this bachelor’s degree.

With regard to the Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology as well, the low drop-out rate among its students is highlighted, while with regard to the degree in Law, it stands out the ratio of students per teacher and the number of internship credits given, which is the result of the external internships carried out thanks to the numerous collaboration agreements that UCAM currently has with various institutions and businesses, among other aspects.