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The CYD ranking praises UCAM for its postgraduate education

In the 2023 report of the Knowledge and Development Foundation, UCAM is ranked as one of the best private universities in Spain and the first in the Region to study a master's degree

The CYD ranking praises UCAM for its postgraduate education
UCAM provides high-quality postgraduate education oriented towards student specialisation

In its 2023 ranking, the Knowledge and Development Foundation (CYD in Spanish) has specifically praised UCAM for its performance in postgraduate teaching, awarding the institution presided over by María Dolores García the highest rating (high performance) in four key indicators in this area of training: graduation rate, normative graduation rate, performance rate and students from other autonomous communities. In these scales, UCAM is the only university in the region to obtain the qualification of 'high performance' in all four categories and, on a national level, UCAM stands out together with 5 other private universities for its excellent score in this category.

At a general level, CYD also highlights the good performance of the Universidad Católica de Murcia  in other key indicators: in research, in the attraction of external funds; in knowledge transfer, in private (liquidated) funds; and international orientation it has the highest performance in degrees taught in English, both bachelor's and master's degrees.


The results obtained in research and transfer are a reflection of the development of projects through private funds attracted to the Region of Murcia, which translates into a greater number of publications and impact on academic excellence. In terms of internationalisation, there has been notable progress in the incorporation of teaching staff from outside Spain, international publications and doctoral theses by foreign students.