Close to a thousand athletes took part in the traditional floral offer to the Virgen de la Fuensanta

They represent the 4.500+ athletes related to the Catholic University of Murcia

05 November 2015

Nearly a thousand athletes, coaches and managers of the teams related to the Catholic University of Murcia participated in the traditional floral offering to the Virgen de la Fuensanta at the beginning of the sports season.  It is a representation of the 4.500+ athletes affiliated to UCAM: elite, federated, university and base athletes. José Luis Mendoza, UCAM’s president; Cartagena’s bishop, monsignor José Manuel Lorca Planes; and Pablo Rosique, general director of Sports at UCAM, participated in the ceremony that reflects the progressive growth of UCAM’s support to sports: from elite sports teams, represented by clubs such as UCAM Murcia CB (Liga Endesa) or UCAM Murcia CF (Segunda B) to base sports. Various disciplines such as football, basketball, handball, volley ball, canoeing, swimming, table tennis, athletics and cycling were represented by the twenty teams attending the event.