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CaixaBank and UCAM committed to sustainability in the agri-food sector

Through AgroBank, this financial institution joins the Agringenia - Nutripeople UCAM Chair in Circular Economy and CSR, to promote research that allows companies to be more profitable while respecting the environment

‘We are going to carry out important studies to bring the university closer to

the agricultural sector
and attract companies in this sector to the academic

world, promoting projects that will become doctoral theses, research and,

above all, that will mark a strategic line for the Region’. With these words,

José Luis Mendoza García, Director of Institutional Relations at UCAM,

summarised the framework of the agreement signed with Olga García,

Regional Director of CaixaBank in Murcia.

The main key of this agreement is the adhesion of AgroBank (a CaixaBank

entity) in the Agringenia - Nutripeople Chair of Circular Economy and

. An important move, according to José Martínez, Director of AgroBank

in Murcia, as ‘it can provide important value by aiming to reach the self-

employed as well as companies. This is the ideal and fundamental point of our

collaboration, to make companies more sustainable, which will improve

their profitability, while we will also be helping the planet’.

Along these lines, Víctor Meseguer, Director of the UCAM Chair of

Circular Economy and CSR
, pointed out that ‘we work on circular economy

at street level, at company level. Thanks to this partnership with CaixaBank,

we are going to bring this experience to all companies in the agri-food sector

to try to be useful in the great challenges of the sector: digitalisation and green


CaixaBank and UCAM will work together with Agringenia and Nutripeople on projects focused on circular economy

Experience in the sector is key to the agreement: Agringenia and


For the two heads of the founding entities of the Chair in Circular Economy,

this agreement may represent a turning point, as explained by Gema Alcázar

( Agringenia Holding ): ‘We are going to strengthen and implement more

research and knowledge transfer from the university to small businesses’.

Reyes Samper, founder of Nutripeople, was also enthusiastic: ‘We are

extremely involved in the circular economy field and thanks to the support of

UCAM and CaixaBank we will be able to promote a model change in

companies through research projects; to make better use of resources and help

the sustainability of the environment and people’.