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Antena de Plata in memoriam for José Luis Mendoza

María Dolores García, UCAM's president, received the award from the Murcia Radio and Television Association in recognition of the work of the UCAM founder in favour of the audiovisual sector, both academically and professionally

Antena de Plata in memoriam for José Luis Mendoza
The UCAM president, in the centre of the picture, together with members of the University, the president of the ARTV (Murcia Radio and Television Association) and Manuel Manjón, who collected the award for the Parrandboleros

A night of excitement, celebration and recognition at the Romea Theatre in Murcia on the occasion of the Micrófonos y Antenas de Plata (Silver Microphones and Antennas) award ceremony of the Radio and Television Association of the Region of Murcia. At a Gala packed with anecdotes and moments to remember, the professionals of the audiovisual sector rewarded the efforts of those who, with their work and dedication, have been considered worthy of these prestigious awards.

A very special moment of the evening was the granting of the Antena de Plata in memoriam to José Luis Mendoza, founder of the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia, for his enormous contribution to the sector from an academic and research point of view, with the teaching of Journalism, Audiovisual Communication and Advertising studies since 1997 in Murcia, as well as from a professional point of view, highlighting above all his involvement as owner of Popular TV Región de Murcia, which has been continuously broadcasting since 2005.

Antena de Plata in memoriam for José Luis Mendoza

In her speech, María Dolores García, UCAM president and widow of José Luis Mendoza, recalled her husband's great passion for the media, in particular for radio and television: ‘He valued your profession very much, and that is why, when he founded the University, he made it abundantly clear that it should include degrees in the field of communication’. She also stressed the importance of rigorous journalistic work and highlighted her husband's legacy: ‘He always fought for his values and his Faith, and he has left us with a great example through his life’.

Award for 'La salud en tus manos' (Health in your hands)’ 

Popular TV Región de Murcia was another of the night's winners. The programme 'Health in your hands', directed and presented by Dr Juan Madrid, professor at the UCAM Faculty of Medicine, won the award for best television programme. The award was for the outstanding informative work carried out on a weekly basis in a friendly and rigorous format, in which doctors, researchers and patients all take part.

Antena de Plata in memoriam for José Luis Mendoza