Adamson University (Philippines) and UCAM to collaborate in sports

07 February 2017

After the signing of the agreement between UCAM and Adamson University


The managers of the Asian entity seek to understand the model of UCAM to apply it and improve the performance of its teams and athletes.

The international recognition of UCAM as the 'University of Sport' is reaching all corners of the world. Proof of this is the agreement that has been signed with Adamson University of Manila (Philippines) to establish a collaboration in sports. The representatives of the Asian institution visited Murcia to learn first hand, the 'model of UCAM.' Father Marcelo Manimtim, president of Adamson University, and José Luis Mendoza, president of UCAM, signed an agreement that unites both entities through their shared passion of sport.

"The Spanish Embassy in Manila informed us about UCAM and its specialization in sport. This was a pleasant surprise for us, as we are always looking for ways to improve the performance of our athletes. This matter interests us a lot and that's why we are here to get a closer look at the program that UCAM is developing and see what we can apply in our University," said Father Marcelo.

After the signing of the agreement and the first visit to the University and the Jeronimos Campus, the Philippine delegation was delighted. "We have been amazed by UCAM. It is the first time we have come to Murcia and the leaders of the Catholic University have given us a very warm welcome," expressed Father Marcelo.

Pablo Blesa, vice-rector of International Relations and Communication at UCAM, stressed the importance of continuing to strengthen ties with universities around the world. "For us, having a delegation in Manila, is very important, to branch our relations in a country where the Spanish presence is remembered. We think that we can have an important representation in Southeast Asia and more specifically in the Philippines, which is the point of interest of all Spanish efforts in that region of the world. They have come with the goal of improving their sports results and UCAM, which has created a very important name in the area, is a role model for them," said Pablo.