Accredited Quality Education

UCAM has a wide range of bachelor’s and master’s degrees taught out with the thoroughness required by the official agencies that control quality of education in Spain. The results, that the university has had are thanks to the educational model where the groups of students are reduced, the attention is personalized to every student, and the formation received is at the absolute maximum level with the best of technology.

25 June 2019

High-class simulators to train the students.


UCAM is the European leader in the renewal of the accreditations of degrees with the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain, ANECA, which is an entity destined to secure the quality of Spanish higher education by accrediting the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. As of now, 78% of the bachelor’s and 87% of the master’s have renewed the accreditation, or are in the process of a renewal. The renewal of the accreditations is a proof of wanting to give quality education to the students with the best of study plans.

The methodology that is used by the University is based on personalized attention in the learning processes, as well as reduced groups of students per class. These allow efficient relationships to bloom between professors and students, where the achievements of the students are continuously being evaluated. This methodology has brought as a result being placed as the 17th Spanish University with the most students finishing the degree they chose in the first place, and as the first University of the Region with a lot of advance in comparison to the other universities in the Region of Murcia. These placements are from the URanking of 2019 by the Valencian Institute of Economic Research and BBVA Foundation.

State-of-the-art installations

To be able to reach excellent formation, that adapts to the actual needs, with a professoriate that is 100% implied with the students and closely working in the professional area. Furthermore, the students have at their disposal complete installations with the latest of technology: food, criminology and robotics laboratories, Mac computer room, courtroom, radio and television studios, hospital and physiotherapy simulation classrooms, etc. Other installations the university has, are the Sports Center located near the Murcia campus, as well as UCAM’s Dental Clinic in Murcia centre and a podiatry clinic.

The employment rate of the graduates is about 70%, according to the Occupational Observator of UCAM, with the exception of some degrees getting a rate of almost 100& of employability after finishing the studies.

Internships and integration into the professional world

One thing, that UCAM graduates have in common, is the high number of internships, that they complete during the formation. These internships can take place in different settings: in the installations of the university, or in external and extracurricular internships. These internships give the students a chance to get closer to the professional environment to be able to incorporate themselves to the professional world directly after the studies. To this, we must add the different seminars, workshops and congresses organised by UCAM, where outstanding professionals bring the reality of each industry closer to the students. The rate of employment for the graduates is at about 70%, according to the Occupational Observatory of UCAM. This rate reaches an almost 100% in degrees like Informatics, Food Technologies, Physiotherapy, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering and Telecommunications Systems Engineering.