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12th edition of the UCAM Master's Degree in Health Services Management and Planning

More than 200 managers in the regional health system have completed this official degree, which is now open for enrolment, offered in blended learning mode, and open to mid-level managers as well.

The 12th edition of the Master's Degree in Health Services Management

and Planning of the Universidad Católica de Murcia
, directed by Dr

Mariano Guerrero
, will start on 30 November. This degree is officially

accredited by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and

Accreditation (ANECA)

Guerrero explained that ‘so far, more than 200 students from the degrees of

Medicine, ADE, Law, Economics, Nursing or Pharmacy have taken this

degree, including executives from public and private health centres and

, as well as high-ranking politicians. But in the last few years the

request has also been extended to mid-level managers working in the field of

health care’.

The director of this official degree also emphasised that ‘this training is

flexible and compatible with working life, as 80% of it is offered in a distance

learning mode and, in just one year, it opens the doors for professionals who

wish to apply for positions of responsibility, especially taking into account the

generational changeover that is taking place in health management due to the

retirement of those who currently occupy these positions’.

The aim of this master's degree is to train professionals and executives in

the management and planning of health services in the public and private

, with the capacity to lead organisations in change processes and with

the ability to adapt to and manage the new challenges facing both the health

system and health organisations.