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“UCAM has brought amazing opportunities for Erasmus students“

New knowledge, friends, and wonderful trips to &nbsp;beautiful cities in Spain are some of the things I've experienced &nbsp;since &nbsp;joining UCAM.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;

“UCAM has brought amazing opportunities for Erasmus students“
Alexander Khestanow - Erasmus student from Germany

Fri, 18/03/2016 - 11:33

I guess that in some moments of your life, you wonder why  you perform the same routine every day, and wonder  if it is time to make  some changes. For me, I felt no hesitation making a change, finding  a  different place to live and new things to do, this is why I chose the Erasmus program at UCAM. UCAM let me see  how the outside world  and the amazing things it has to offer.

Studying different subjects

Two weeks ago, I was studying a Business Psychology in Germany, but now, because of the Erasmus program at UCAM, I am taking part in different courses such as Communication and Intercultural Mediation, and English for Psychologies. It is great to study something new and different from my major, it allows me  to apply new knowledge  to my acquired  understanding of Psychology. The most interesting thing is that I can apply my learnings to Spanish people and another Erasmus students from other countries around the world.

On the other hand, I have learned a lot about studying, thinking and culture from our interactions.  I think, after this four-month Erasmus program, I will have improved my decision making and open my mind to the multidimensional views of life.  

Opportunities to visit beautiful cities in Spain

The very first weekend, I registered for a  trip to Cartagena with a group of fellow Erasmus students. The UCAM Spanish Language Office holds  trips to different places for their students to learn more about Spanish history and culture every month. I was lucky enough to go to Cartagena which is known for having the most important coveted defensive port in the western Mediterranean. 

While  in Cartagena, I saw  a lot of historical places and artifacts: the real Cartagena bone yard and ruins, Carthaginian walls of Carthago and the Roman theatre which brought me back to different empires and eras in Spain. The  highlight  of my trip was  making  a new Vietnamese friend. She knows a lot and shared stories with me about our university, life and her personal experiences.

In the area around the modern Art Nouveau buildings, I tried Spanish Tortilla for the first time, a really delicious traditional Spanish food that only cost three euros at an outdoor restaurant. I understand  why they say that  Spain is the most friendly country in the Mediterranean,  as you are constantly offered more free food like bread and olives by the waiter, small birds stand on your table so they  can eat pieces of your bread, and  street performers send warm smiles as  they walked by. It was an amazing experience that I have not found it in any other county.  

Change in daily life

It has  been a  big advantage to change my  standard living environment after 25 years. Here, every day you see different people. Every minute there is something new to learn and to discover. I totally changed my daily habits. Instead of going back home to see a movie after class in my country, I go out every evening to explore the city, lifestyle of Spanish people. On the weekend, I stopped lying in bed so I can  hang out with my new friends, go to the gym and the library. The new things I see every day give  me a chance to better understand  human behaviour, which helps my studies in  Psychology and allows me to become a better person.  I know there are still many other amazing things awaiting me in these 4 months in Murcia.