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Master´s Degree inInternational Relations

*Continuing Education Master



ECTS Credits



88.33 €/ECTS

5,300 €/Course




1 year

Why study International Relations with us?

  • Visit to EU institutions and NATO Headquarters
  • Multinational academic team (+10 different nationalities)
  • Reputed teaching staff and invited experts
  • International student mobility
  • About 86% of UCAM´s master students are currently engaged in endeavors related to their academic programs
  • Spanish Language Courses

UCAM Experiences

'The best part about the whole degree and the experience at UCAM was how forthcoming and welcoming everyone was'

Anna Marlies Serafín, Germany

''It was an honor to meet every professor and assist in the insightful, engaging, and eye-opening lessons. Each professor had a unique story to tell, and this really touched me as an individual who always looks forward to understanding people and their backgrounds.''

''I was impressed by the highly intercultural exchange that happened between all of us, indirectly sometimes. We were not constrained by barriers and prejudice, but instead, the flow was extremely flexible.'' [Full testimonial]

Caryl Abi Khalil, Lebanon

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The master in International Relations offers a global mindset and interdisciplinary studies in key subjects to jump start a career with international institutions, non-governmental and governmental organizations, and private companies operating globally or mature, update and reinforce analytical skills and judgment for decision making in professionals of different fields confronting the complexities of the current international order. The major of the master is designed to train students to fully understand the main parameters of the international contemporary environment, so as to boost their careers in companies, NGOs, and international private and public institutions. Our goal is to provide update, useful, outstanding preparation for careers with a global reach.

Career Opportunities

This is a professionalizing program. This is not a research path oriented program.

The master in International Relations prepares students for careers in the private and public sector. The program responds to the growing need for highly trained figures within private companies, international organizations, the traditional diplomatic sector, the military, the media and other international actors from churches to NGOs, so as to make them capable of handling successfully both old and new emerging challenges. Graduates of the program may begin careers in the internationalization departments of private companies, universities, the military; with international and European organizations; or as specialists in international and European politics, international affairs reporters, journalists, private consultants or consultants to the armed forces.

Entry requirements

Enrollment in or completion of university studies is required for admission to the program.

Other entry requirements are: 

  • Scanned biopage of your valid passport
  • Bachelor’s academic transcript and degree certificate
  • Statement of Purpose/Motivational Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae

International Mobility

Students will have the opportunity of voluntarily joining a mobility scheme:

The mobility to UCAM or a partner university of company is option, by no means required.

During the 2º semester of the program the mobility will take place, under the following conditions:

  • Geograhically students could apply to study at UCAM (Murcia, Spain), or at partner university in South America, Asia, USA, Canada, Russia, Africa or Middle East. Check here the programs, destinations and conditions. 
  • The students mobility will be guided by the regulations set in each program. 

During the 1º Semester of the master, the direction will offer detalled information, counselling, advicing and supporting those students willing to proceed with the mobility. 

Student Profile

The master in International Relations is designed to be perfectly suited to the needs of students from Law, Economy, Media Studies, Political Science and adjacent and related areas of knowledge. Young people interested in following careers in business, the third sector and NGOs, international organizations, the diplomatic service or the military will enjoy and greatly benefit from the program. The master is an ideal complement for professionals of all paths interested in developing an essential understanding of the dynamics of international relations and global trends, with a focus on strengthening analytical competences to put knowledge into practice in real situations.


  • Gain critical understanding of key issues and concepts in world affairs and international relations as well as practical knowledge they could leverage in their professional project.
  • Master analytical skills and critical thinking; be able to perform in both bilateral and multilateral working environments with increased confidence.


  • Personalized attention to students
  • Reduced number of students per class
  • Integral education
  • Practical approach on the subjects
  • Wide range of career opportunities
  • Guaranteed work experience on a company on the last year of studies
  • International Students mobility
  • Research projects
  • International tutorship

Master in Continuing Education

This program is a Continuing Education Master, also known as Master of Professional Development. It represents a dedicated academic initiative meticulously designed to facilitate specialization in a chosen subject area.

The Continuing Education Master adheres to rigorous regulatory and quality standards established by the university. The concept of continuing education encompasses the perpetual pursuit of knowledge and skills throughout an individual's lifespan, thereby fostering personal and professional growth.

The goal of this program is to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in one's field, and to continually improve one's abilities and competencies in order to stay competitive in the workforce.

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