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Master´s Degree inInternational Relations

*Continuing Education Master


  •  Compulsory (CO): 50
  •  End of Master Project (TFM): 10
  • Total Credits: 60


Subject ECTS CM Type
Theory of International Relations: schools of thought and paradigms. 2 OB
International Law: the subjects of International Law: States, International organizations, peoples, liberation movements, multinationals, individuals. 2 OB
Foreign Policy Analysis: applied analysis of the dynamics of contemporary International society.
Geopolitical competition, religion, technology, climate change.
2 OB
Foreign Policy, Public Opinion and Media: public diplomacy, digital diplomacy, think tanks, sport, culture and “soft power”. 2 OB
Leadership and International Influence: schools of leadership, the determinant factor of leadership in International Relations Politics. 2 OB
Subject ECTS CM Type
Rich world versus poor world: development, income distribution, demographics, borders and migrations. 2 OB
Development cooperation within the framework of the United Nations, NGOs, and the CSR of multinational companies in developing countries. 2 OB
International trade and global financial markets: IMF, World Bank; crisis and reforms. 2 OB
Global disruption of big tech firms: Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Tesla, Netflix and Spotify. 2 OB
Natural resources and global environmental policy: the future of energy, the decarbonisation of the world economy and global policies to contain climate change. 2 OB
Subject ECTS CM Type
Regulation of the use of force in International Relations, International Humanitarian Law and “Lawfare” 2 OB
International Criminal Law: Human Rights, International crimes and International Criminal Courts. 2 OB
Challenges to International security: Armed conflicts, jihadist terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, espionage and organized crime. 2 OB
Threats in global common spaces: cyberspace, maritime space, airspace, and outer space. 2 OB
Intervention below the threshold of open conflict: hybrid warfare, influence operations, election meddling. 2 OB
Subject ECTS CM Type
The European Union: History, enlargement and Brexit . 6 OB
The Russian Federation in Putin era: strengths and weaknesses, foreign policy, the Crimea and Ukraine conflicts. 2 OB
The United States of America in Trump era: the transatlantic relationship, the future of NATO, USA
foreign policy towards Asia and Latin America.
2 OB
Ibero-America today: Brazil, Bolivarian America, the peace and democratization processes, economic
integration efforts.
2 OB
Subject ECTS CM Type
The rise of Asia in the world economic concert and the main processes of Asia-Pacific economic cooperation.
Focus of tensions and territorial conflicts.
2 OB
The heyday of China and the rise of India: “friendly” adversaries. 2 OB
Subject ECTS CM Type
Arab world: state of affairs and evolution, the Arab spring and the civil wars in Libya and Syria.  2 OB
Middle East: the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the Iran-Saudi Arabian regional geopolitical rivalry; armed
interventions and terrorism: the Yemen war, Daesh.
2 OB
Subject ECTS CM Type
Dissertation research design: research module to help students focus on their Research thesis and Public
presentation of results.
10 MFP

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