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LLM inInternational Human Rights Law

*Continuing Education Master


Theory and Philosophy of Human RightsOB4
Geopolicy in the human Rights context: History and theoryOB1.5
Human Rights and Power :Human rights in the Constitutional OrdersOB3
Economy and Human Rights: Introduction to the international economic policyOB1
Universality vs Globalism in the Human Rights discurseOB1.5
Tax law and human rightsOB1.5
Ideology and Religion in the Human Rights: International protection of freedom religion and beliefOB2
Family and Human RightsOB1.5
Technology and Human rightsOB1


International Law and Human Rights introduction:OB2
United Nations Human Rights systemOB2
International Human RightsOB4
European Fundamental Rights and Citizenship of the UnionOB1.5
Human Rights and International CrimeOB4



Introduction to Substantive Law practice and Legal WritingsOB4
Human Rights AdvocacyOB8
International Dispute Settlement, Negotiation and MediationOB8





The Master's program in International Human Rights at UCAM provides students with exceptional opportunities to collaborate with leading organizations, applying the comprehensive knowledge and skills they have developed throughout their studies. These internships are specifically tailored to promote professional development in the realm of human rights advocacy, preparing students to excel in a competitive global environment.

During these internships, students engage directly in the application of their learned theories and methodologies, gaining invaluable practical experience. Following the completion of their internship, each student is required to produce a detailed report that thoroughly outlines the skills and competencies developed during this period. This report is not just a requirement but a reflective tool that showcases the student's ability to integrate academic learning with practical application.

This phase of the Master's program is pivotal for enhancing employability among graduates. It provides a platform for students to not only apply their accumulated knowledge in real-world settings but also to broaden their perspectives and understanding of human rights issues. This experience is instrumental in fortifying their readiness to enter the workforce, equipped with a robust set of skills and a comprehensive understanding of human rights advocacy.

UCAM’s career services:

  • SOIL – “Orientation and Work Placement Service” 
  • UCAM Portal de Empleo - employment portal for students and alumni
  • “Network of Recruiting Erasmus” - a service that promotes placement of students in various companies that recognize the value of international experience.

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