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Who are we?

Organizational Chart of the V.R.R.I.I.

Pablo Salvador Blesa Aledo Pablo Salvador Blesa Aledo

Vice Rector for International Relations

María Amalia Silva de Oliva María Amalia Silva de Oliva

Management of digitization projects, Implementation of new projects, Management of agreements and Institutional Relations

Lonneke Meijer Lonneke Meijer

Economic Management of Erasmus funds and Santander Scholarships, Erasmus Studies Program: Northern Europe and Overseas/USA Outgoing, PDI/PAS Outgoing Mobility Program, Staff Week Coordination and Mobility KA107 outgoing and incoming, students and teachers

Cristina García Caballero Cristina García Caballero

Incoming Management Erasmus Study and Practice Program, Outgoing and Incoming Management UCAM Latin American Study and Practice, Incoming Management Overseas/USA program and Faculty Mobility Program and PAS incoming

Juan Luis Martínez López Juan Luis Martínez López

Erasmus Studies Program Management Outgoing (Portugal) and SICUE Program Management incoming/outgoing

Raquel Calatayud López Raquel Calatayud López

Erasmus Management Internship Outgoing for degrees, postgraduate and FP; Management of the Erasmus Study Outgoing Program (Southern Europe, United Kingdom) and Coordination of international mobility tutors

María Del Pilar Madrid Balanza María Del Pilar Madrid Balanza

Erasmus Mobility Outgoing Internships for undergraduate, postgraduate and Professional Formation