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A wide range of double programmes

UCAM offers double programmes with which two degrees can be acquired, reducing time and allowing for a more versatile professional profile.

Its campuses in Murcia and Cartagena are centres of international attraction.
Its campuses in Murcia and Cartagena are centres of international attraction.

Differentiation is an added value. For this reason, UCAM offers double degree programmes to students in the different knowledge areas that make up its eleven faculties (Law; Economics and Business; Medicine; Health Sciences; Sport; Nursing; Pharmacy and Nutrition; Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Occupational Therapy; Education; Social and Communication Sciences, and the Higher Polytechnic School). 

This allows you to obtain two degrees in the shortest possible time, providing you with a more versatile professional profile, which broadens and improves your employment options.


Studying at UCAM, either on its Murcia or Cartagena campuses or online, means opting for top-quality education, taught in small groups by a teaching staff that is in direct contact with the professional field. At UCAM they offer tutorial support (academic and personal), are committed to research, with syllabuses adapted to the demands of the sector, offer support in sports from the grassroots level as well as training in values in the light of Christian humanism. All this allows students to complete their studies in a comprehensive manner, acquiring professional and personal skills to reach the job market in the best conditions.


Internal and external internships

The development of practical skills is key in the training of future professionals, for which the Murcian institution provides its students with a teaching methodology that reflects this, as well as cutting-edge facilities equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. For example, the food-, criminology-, robotics-, translation and interpretation- laboratories, the Courtroom, the Gastro-Lab, the RTV studio and set, and the Pharmacy Classroom, dental clinics in Murcia and Cartagena University services of Podiatry and Nutrition Etc. These are complemented by external and extracurricular courses thanks to agreements with a wide variety of companies and institutions, allowing students to request the ones that best meet their needs and preferences. Moreover, its commitment to internationalisation is essential, and is reflected in the ever-increasing presence of students from all over the world. Students who contribute to the enrichment of its Cartagena and Murcia campuses. 

The institution offers a wide range of Bachelor's and Master’s degrees in English and is one of the leading institutions in Spain.


Digital transformation  

On a daily basis, new technologies are demonstrating the infinite possibilities they offer in all areas of life. UCAM has been immersed in a constant process of Digital Transformation for years, integrated both in the facilities and services of its campuses and in its teaching model; a commitment to the use of innovative technologies and methodologies that give added value to teaching. UCAM has recently purchased the Apple Vision Pro glasses  brought to UCAM straight from California, and is in the process of building a Spatial Computing Classroom to integrate this new technology into teaching.

Pre-enrolment for the 2024-25 academic year is now open

UCAM has already opened the pre-enrolment period for the 2024-25 academic year for its wide range of bachelor’s and master’s degrees at its Murcia and Cartagena campuses, as well as online.  


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