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We must learn how to survive and overcome a crisis

Pilar Gómez Acebo, president of the Spanish Federation of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs highlighted this idea during her speech, framed within the context of the Fourth National Meeting of ANAEDE, which was held at UCAM

We must learn how to survive and overcome a crisis
Attendees and speakers meet at the University cloister for the group photo of the event

This morning, Los Jerónimos Campus welcomed a big number of female managers and entrepreneurs who completely filled the event room of UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia, on the occasion of the Fourth National Meeting of ANAEDE (National Women Association of Executive Directors, Entrepreneurs and Professionals). Various persons intervened in the event, such as María Dolores Bolarín, president of ANAEDE; María Jesús Bonilla, director of the International Chair of Women, Business and Sports of UCAM, and Pilar Gómez Acebo. Likewise, it should be noted that, during the event, the certificate of honorary member of ANAEDE was given to María Dolores García, member of the board of San Antonio University Foundation.

Regarding the topics discussed during the meeting, the analysis made on the current economic situation stands out. In this respect, the speakers stressed that we are living a moment in which the closing down of companies and restructuring prevail. In spite of this, Gómez Acebo ensured “that self-employed workers are increasing, but in a quite critical situation, so it is a difficult moment, where we will have to learn how to survive and overcome a crisis”.  

Regarding the measures to be taken to improve the current economy, the speakers highlighted that the State must loosen the constraints to which it submits the business fabric of SME.

Regarding the current situation of women at an economic and work level, it was argued that in many fields there was a relapse and it is a responsibility of the social fabric and of the government to keep implementing effective measures. On the other hand, Pilar Gómez Acebo highlighted that “women must gain a perspective and political reality with regards to the business functioning and the running of businesses”.

During the conference, topics such as talent, motivation, the keys to work as a team and equality were dealt with as well.