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University endowment, a new way to promote social work

University endowment, a new way to promote social work
José Luis Mendoza García, General Director of Institutional Relations of UCAM, during his speech at the Conference

At the Conference on Patronage and Endowment, organised by the University of Alicante and Alumni España, José Luis Mendoza García, general director of Institutional Relations at UCAM, presented the San Antonio Management Fund, created by UCAM to promote scholarships for study, research, sports and charities.

Mendoza García took part in the round table on university endowment, together with María Vázquez, general director of 'Gestión Fondo Endowment' (Endowment Fund Management), and Javier Sagi-Vela, director of Institutions at Banco Santander International. 

One of the main topics addressed at this round table was the role played by alumni in the university environment and, more specifically, regarding the social work carried out by these institutions. In this regard, José Luis Mendoza explained that ‘we want to help the development of the endowment by attracting alumni, as university entrepreneurship always has a certain romantic aura. We want to promote the desire to improve as the best way to establish a relationship of union and support’.  

UCAM is known internationally as the 'University of Sports', an area to which the San Antonio Management Fund dedicates part of its contributions. Concerning this aspect, Mendoza underlined that ‘for us, sports sponsorship is part of the DNA of our institution; it attracts many young people who can sometimes see the university as something distant or remote’.