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The university clinic "UCAM Nutrition" opens its doors in Murcia

Open to the public, it is located in the ZigZag Shopping Centre. The specialist professionals who cater to the general public are also lecturers of the Bachelor’s Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics of the Universidad Católica and related master's degrees.  Students of the degrees in this field will carry out their internships at this centre

The Universidad Católica continues to increase its commitment to health, with the creation of

its university clinic "UCAM Nutrition". At the clinic, final year students of the Bachelor’s Degree

in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
and the Master’s Degrees in Clinical Nutrition and Sports

will carry out their internships, in which, by the hand of professionals, they will learn

the necessary techniques to be able to enter the labour market offering the highest

guarantees of quality. At the same time, the centre is open to society in general, and at its

facilities people who require specialised diet therapy, as well as to those who wish to treat

their nutritional state for aesthetic reasons are welcome.

The clinic also caters to high-level athletes who need to improve their physical performance,

etc. The professionals at this clinic offer nutritional plans that include an initial dietary-

nutritional assessment through the study of body composition using methods such as

kinanthropometry and bioimpedancemetry. With the assessment of the obtained data, the

treatment to be followed by each person is determined and, subsequently, follow-up sessions

are carried out according to the needs of each patient.

According to Pablo Barcina, coordinator of this centre, ‘nutrition is the single most important

factor in lifestyle in terms of health, and therefore most of the work we do is aimed at

preventing cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, etc.’. Barcina stresses that ‘our aim is, on

the one hand, to reduce the risk of falling ill due to inadequate nutrition, and, on the other

hand, to treat patients who require diet therapy in the event that a pathology has appeared’.   

UCAM has an extensive and qualified track record in health sciences, both in education and

research, which has been recognised by prestigious international rankings such as THE World

University Rankings and the one carried out by the Fundación Conocimiento y Desarrollo

(Knowledge and Development Foundation)
. An example of its commitment is that the

Universidad Católica has different centres of reference in the field of health that offer

specialised training and services to citizens, such as: the university dental clinic, the Podiatry

Service, the Centre for Research in High Performance Sports and the aforementioned "UCAM

Nutrition" clinic.  



-Overweight and obesity 

-Chronic alimentary and gastrointestinal diseases

-Food allergies

-Nutrition at different stages of life 

-Nutrition for the recreational and high-performance athlete 

-Collective catering including preparation of school and hospital menus 

The clinic provides online patient follow-up  


Further Information  


Telephone: 968 27 87 97  

WhatsApp: 650 42 02 01  


Av. Juan Carlos I 30008 Murcia (in the ZigZag shopping centre)