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UCAM will implement a ‘Covid free’ protocol on its campuses for the next year

It will be implemented on both campuses to provide the best possible guarantees as coronavirus-free areas

UCAM will implement a ‘Covid free’ protocol on its campuses for the next year
UCAM Research

UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia will implement in the next academic year 2020-21 a wide range of measures that have been included in a ‘UCAM Covid Free Protocol’, which will allow its campuses of Murcia and Cartagena to provide the best possible guarantees as coronavirus-free areas. In addition, it combines this with its “bimodal” training strategy, which brings together and adapts all the most advanced face-to-face and virtual resources, in order to combine online theoretical teaching with classes and practical lessons in small groups.

San Antonio Technologies

The Covid Free Protocol is being developed by UCAM through its technology-based spin-off, San Antonio Technologies, which will monitor its effectiveness on an ongoing basis. Its procedures are based on the preventive and health measures established by the Ministry of Health, adapted to the facilities and professional and teaching activities of the University, to ensure that both students and workers are in the safest possible environment for their health, free of COVID-19. Once the protocol has been implemented, it will be verified by accredited verification bodies.

It includes the installation of thermal-imaging cameras to record body temperature, controlling the use of masks, organisational measures, posters and signs to guarantee interpersonal distance, relocation of furniture, installation of methacrylate screens where necessary and increased distribution of hydroalcoholic gel dispensers. Furthermore, the university will provide its workers with the necessary protective material to carry out their functions and will handle the authorised operating procedures to carry out antibody and PCR tests when appropriate.

‘UCAM Covid Free' implements good cleaning and disinfection practices in all facilities, with special attention to frequently used surfaces, using products authorised by the Ministry of Health, and it activates a waste management plan to avoid cross-contamination.

Permanent update

To improve its results, the protocol establishes an educational campaign on all these measures. And in order to verify its correct application, it includes periodic audits, with collection and review of data recorded in a computerised control and management system, visual inspections and analysis of cleaning verification, detection of critical points and strengths, as well as the preparation of corrective measures and contingency plans. Moreover, all procedures will be adapted to changes in legal regulations as a result of the evolution of the pandemic.

Bimodal teaching

UCAM has planned for the upcoming academic year a bimodal teaching model that combines all face-to-face and virtual resources. Therefore, the theoretical part of its official studies will be taught in online mode and face-to-face practical lessons will be carried out in small groups in the facilities of the university, as well as in other centres and external institutions with an agreement.