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UCAM will celebrate ‘online’ the PhD Conference

This annual meeting, which will take place on 26 June, serves as a means for PhD students to evaluate the progress of their doctoral theses and to acquire skills to complete and defend their research

UCAM will celebrate ‘online’ the PhD Conference
UCAM 2020 PhD Conference

The International Doctoral School of UCAM Universidad Católica de Murcia (EIDUCAM) holds the 6th PhD Conference on 26 June. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, this year the event will be held 'online' via videoconferencing on a virtual platform created for this meeting. This conference is mainly aimed at PhD students and thesis supervisors from UCAM, but it is also open to students from other Spanish and foreign universities. The main objective of this meeting is the scientific exchange between researchers and it also serves as an instrument to evaluate the progress of the research plans of the PhD students.

The areas of knowledge covered by this conference are those of the UCAM Doctoral School: Health Sciences, Computer Technologies and Environmental Engineering, Social Sciences and Sports Sciences.

In spite of this segmentation, there are a series of transversal objectives that are the main reason for this conference, as it seeks to ensure that PhD students acquire a series of skills such as being able to synthesise research results in order to present them to a specialised community or to critically present research results compared to other results in the literature. The aim is to disseminate the research activity of PhD students and make it known to the university community and society. The presentations to be made by PhD students may take the form of oral or poster presentations. In both cases the communications will be evaluated by the members of the Scientific Committee.