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UCAM, a University with Tutored Education

The Catholic University of San Antonio offers to its students, at the Campus of Murcia as well at the Campus of Cartagena, personalized attention with dedicated professors, that are implied in the education of their students 100%. There are also personal and academic tutors available for the students, and formation at the maximum level with the best of technology.

UCAM, a University with Tutored Education
Graduation ceremony of the II promotion of Bachelor's in Medicine

Tue, 18/06/2019 - 10:26

UCAM offers a wide catalogue of bachelor’s and master’s with the highest possible quality and with rigour required by the official organisms.

The bases of the University is high level research, educating and distributing the christian human values, presence of tutors and supporting sports. UCAM allows students to complete their education by achieving new professional and personal skills during their time at the University, which allows them to integrate into the professional world with the best of conditions.

This way, the institution works with a methodology based on personalising the teaching and reduced groups per class, which allows to have a lot of interaction between the student and the professor, where the results are continuously assessed. This has taken UCAM to the 17th place among Spanish universities with the most students finishing the course that they started, and as the 1st university of the region with various points more than the other universities. This placement is according to U-Ranking 2019, from the Valencian Institute of Economic Research and BBVA Foundation.


One thing, that UCAM graduates have in common, is the high numbers of internships they realise during their formation. These internships are completed or in the installations of the University, as well as in external and extra internships. To add to these external experiences, there are a number of seminars, workshops and congresses that are organised by UCAM, where best of the best professionals of the different sectors participate and share the realities of each industry with the students.

At the forefront of installations

To be able to give quality formation, the student has at their disposal complete installations with the latest of technology. There are laboratories for nutrition, criminology, robotics and construction, as well as a MAC room, radio and television studio, hospital and physiotherapy simulation rooms, etc. In the proximity of UCAM you can also find installations such as a sports centre and UCAM Dental, an University Dental Clinic, and a Podiatry Clinic as well.

Research for the benefit of society

With the goal to offer superior, high quality education, UCAM puts a lot of stakes on research, which has converted the University to an international reference in the different areas of knowledge during the recent years. According to IUNE ranking, UCAM is the Spanish university, that most has grown in research between 2013 and 2016.

High-tech simulators

Clinical simulation is a tool with a lot of potential in learning, especially for the students from Health Sciences, so that they can acquire a complete, practical training during their time at the University. During this practical training they face simulated clinical processes, that are similar to the real cases they will find, when they get into professional world. UCAM has been supporting these kind of techniques for more than ten years, and since its beginnings implanted a complete unit with different simulation rooms.

Among the different tools of simulation, there is clinical reasoning table, where the student starts the simulations with learning how to do logical thinking, and later on will practice with more advanced simulators, and finally will move on to clinical practice. The students also have at their disposal Digital Anatomy Table, or the Pharmacy Room, as well as installations from the Faculty of Health Sciences, as the dissection room, physiotherapy room, room for Occupational Therapy and podiatry and dentistry cliniques. There are very advanced simulators available for the students, as the cardiac and pulmonary monitoring simulator, and the ecography simulator VIMEDIX, where the training is done as augmented reality.

The midwife care simulators at the University are some of the most advanced of the country - as the pregnancy simulator CAE Lucina, with a physiological model for the mother and child-.

Leader in degrees in English

UCAM has all in all seven bachelor’s degrees in English (Pharmacy, Psychology, Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, Modern Languages, Tourism, Dentistry and Business Administration), and when counting in the English master’s degrees, the university is a reference in Spain launching all these degrees in another language.

High employability

One of the fundamentals at UCAM are the close relations with different companies, which results as high employability of the students. The rate of employment of the graduates is at about 70%, according to the Occupational Observatory of UCAM; and the rate is almost 100% in areas such as Informatics, Food Sciences, Physiotherapy, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering and Telecommunications Systems Engineering. One in ten students start as entrepreneurs during their formation period. The percentage of the students, who create their own businesses, is also higher than the national medium, according to the University Entrepreneuring Observatory, promoted by CRUE.

Double Degrees
Business Administration - Law
Tourism - Business Administration
Human Nutrition and Dietetics - Food Technology
Engineering of Construction - Civil Engineering
Journalism - Audiovisual Communication
Audiovisual Communication - Advertising and Public Relations
Audiovisual Communication - Journalism
Advertising and Public Relations - Journalism
Nursing - Podiatry
Tourism - Advertising and Public Relations
Marketing and Commercial Management - Business Administration

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