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UCAM students take part in a drill with Army medics

Organised by the Master's Degree in Emergency Medicine, they have been confronted with an extreme health situation

UCAM students take part in a drill with Army medics
Part of the drill at the Los Jerónimos Campus

Students of the Master's Degree in Emergency Medicine at the Universidad Católica de Murcia took part in a rescue drill of victims kidnapped by an armed terrorist group. They did so together with members of the Health Brigade of the Spanish Army. Although it is a rare event, this type of training prepares healthcare workers for dealing with an emergency in a hostile environment, just like the ones SUAPs (Primary Care Emergency Services) or UMEs (Military Emergency Units) may have to deal with. 

The training, held at the Los Jerónimos Campus, began with a worshop on mobilisation of injured people and first aid in this type of situation (decompression of a tension pneumothorax, a thoracic patch, tourniquet, etc.). This was followed by a simulation of hostage rescue with casualties wounded during the conflict, applying the previously acquired knowledge. 

‘Students acquire the competencies and skills to deal with an emergency and to act appropriately thanks to this drill. Although these terrorism events are –fortunately– not common, many of the students may work in out-of-hospital emergencies. Even though the cases are not as significant or as severe, they have to know how to act in different stressful situations’, says César Cinesi, director of the Master's Degree in Emergency Medicine at UCAM.