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UCAM students start volunteering in 11 cities with the most vulnerable

In a few days, 150 students have registered for this initiative of their Student Council in response to the coronavirus crisis. They are being assigned to Caritas to provide food to the families in need and to do the shopping for people with mobility problems. Others will be accompanying people remotely, including students who pursue online teachings from many different cities in Spain.

UCAM students start volunteering in 11 cities with the most vulnerable
One of the UCAM volunteers with Caritas de La Ñora

The president of the Student Council of UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia, Adrián Massotti, has informed that there are 150 students registered so far for the voluntary work promoted by this body to help in the emergency generated by the coronavirus, and which is being managed by the UCAM Volunteer Service.


In addition, the first tasks have already begun to be assigned, and they include the delivery of food to the most in need, both in food banks and in cooperative stores and canteens managed by Cáritas Parroquial in the cities of Murcia, Cartagena, Totana, Lorca, San Pedro del Pinatar, Alcantarilla, Ceutí, Mula, Águilas, Yecla and Caravaca de la Cruz.


On the other hand, about twenty volunteers will accompany remotely those elderly who do not have a social or family network, so they do not feel lonely during confinement. This activity is coordinated in this case by the Social Services Department of the City Council of Cartagena.


From all over Spain

Most of the students registered are from the Region of Murcia and neighbouring regions, such as Alicante or Almeria. 'UCAM OnLine’ students, from cities such as Bilbao, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Malaga, Jaen or Granada, have also registered and will be assigned to the remote-accompanying task.


The students are from a wide range of backgrounds, especially from Health Sciences, such as Nursing, Physiotherapy, Medicine, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Pharmacy and Psychology, but also from Advertising and Public Relations, Preprimary and Primary Education, Criminology, Computer Science Engineering, Audiovisual Communication, Translation and Interpreting, Business Administration and Management (ADE), Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, etc. There are also postgraduate and doctorate students.