UCAM students find their first job in three months

23 September 2014

According to a report of SOIL, the rate of employment of students UCAM is 73.3% and the average period of time to find the first job is three months.

UCAM Service Orientation and Job Placement (SOIL) dependent on Murcia Institute of Technology (ITM), reported that the San Antonio Catholic University recorded an employment rate of 73.3% of their students and that it takes to them an average of 3.3 months to find their first job.

The SOIL is responsible for providing counseling services to students with a personalized program of curricular and extracurricular practices and the development of transferable skills to facilitate job placement.

The services include academic advising details of the curricula of the different qualifications that can be taken in the UCAM. In addition they provide information about the most frequent career opportunities in the labor market.

UCAM has programs to develop important skills, such as the School of Entrepreneurship and Leadership Seminar, Decision Making, Teamwork and Efficient Resource Management.

The SOIL also helps companies through managing job opportunities, to identify the student with the right profile according to the company's needs. In addition, UCAM is the first university in Spain to be accredited by ANECA  (National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation), who positively assessed the high employability of its graduates.