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UCAM, the Spanish university that grows the most in research

The last data analysed by the IUNE ranking are from 2017 and they prove that, during the last five years, growth exceeds 200%.<br /> <br /> In 2019, the data of the University itself confirm this positive development.

UCAM, the Spanish university that grows the most in research
The UCAM research stands out especially in the areas of Health, Sports and Nutrition

UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia asserts itself as the Spanish university that grew the most in scientific production, as it has been doing since 2013, thus buffering the overall decrease registered in the Region of Murcia, that has reached 6% this year. In 2019, UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia set aside more than 17 million Euro for research.

IUNE is an observatory composed of a group of researchers belonging to the universities that form the ‘Alianza 4U’ partnership and it analyses the research activity in Spanish public and private universities. In this ranking, UCAM is the third Spanish private university for the total amount of scientific publications in 2017, behind Universidad de Navarra and Ramón Llull. By analysing the percentage growth in the number of scientific publications from 2013 to 2017, UCAM’s growth (200%) has been higher than the rest of Spanish universities (public or private), including the two aforementioned private universities, 17% Universidad de Navarra and 30% Ramón Llull.

It shall be noted that UCAM researchers belong to the personnel of this private institution, therefore they entail no cost for the Public Administration and they contribute to the regional development while the results of their studied are brought to the entire society. In this sense, it must be noted that its scientific production is significantly above the one of other public research centres of the Region of Murcia, such as IMIB (7.9%) and CEBAS-CSIC (4.7%.).

UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia stands out in the fields of Health, Sport and Nutrition with studies on the discovery of new drugs through supercomputing to fight illnesses such as Alzheimer, colorectal cancer, diabetes, Zika virus or Fabry disease, led by the researcher Horacio Pérez; the research on healthy ageing, of which Pablo Jorge Marcos is in charge; and the studies in collaboration with Juan Carlos Izpisua, Professor of Developmental Biology at UCAM, to treat rare diseases, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and to generate organs for transplants, among others. The Murcian institution, likewise, managed to notably increase the number of articles published in the Region of Murcia in journals with the greatest impact, such as Cell, Science or Nature (9 articles in these 3 journals, plus another 20 articles in other journals with a similar impact rate).