UCAM Spanish Institute in Dubai is the new accredited center of the Cervantes Institute

After four years of activity and an exhaustive evaluation by the Cervantes Institute in the area, this center of the UCAM becomes the only Cervantes accredited center in the Middle East.

04 July 2018

Image of a class at the UCAM Spanish Institute Dubai




UCAM Spanish Institute, part of the ESI (Escuela Superior de Idiomas - Languages Higher School) of the UCAM, will be a new Accredited Center of the Instituto Cervantes network. In addition, it has become a DELE Examination Center, for people who want to obtain an official degree from the Instituto Cervantes.

Recognition is given to the quality and professionalism of the center. The ESI has five locations, three of them in Spain, one in Indonesia and the other in the Emirates. The main objective of the latter one is to promote the teaching, study and use of Spanish in the Middle East.

It is the first center dedicated exclusively to the Spanish language in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and it is operating since April 2014, dedicated to promoting Spanish language and culture through the different courses and activities. All of them are supervised by the ESI, and there is coordination with other international Spanish schools, such as Jakarta (Indonesia). In addition, UCAM Spanish Institute is present in schools in Dubai, following Spanish as a mother tongue program, Spanish as a foreign language programs and educational consulting. In this way, UCAM becomes the reference of the Spanish and Latin language and culture in Dubai.