A UCAM researcher awarded with the prestigious European program 'Marie Curie'

Can the consumption of cured ham lower blood pressure? This is one of the study areas in which the researcher, Silvia Montoro, is working at the Catholic University of Murcia.

23 September 2014


The project, funded by the 'William Harvey Research International Translational Academy' (WHRY-ACADEMY), is coordinated and managed by the UCAM and the London School of Medicine, faculty member at Queen Mary University of London. 

As pointed out by Silvia Montoro, previous studies indicate that during the healing process of the ham, it release bioactive peptides that are beneficial to the cardiovascular system.


"We want to know how blood and vascular cells operate in response to consumption of these bioactive peptides in individuals with relatively high vascular tension, and associated with clinical and biochemical parameters," said the UCAM professor.

The research, which will last three years-from October 2014 until September 2017 will provide a positive impact on both the medical and economic fields.