UCAM professor joins The Seneca Foundation’s call for “Young Leaders in Research”

22 July 2014

Dr. Horacio Perez is working on drug discovery through computational tools. The aim of this initiative is to enhance the quality of research and to encourage original and innovative research by supporting young doctors who develop their work in independent research groups. Horacio Perez has received this award for his project 'Development in computer architecture for the discovery and optimization of bioactive compounds and their application to problems of biological relevance'. His work aims to discover new drugs through computational tools. When it comes to coping with high biological relevance problems such as diseases, it is necessary to follow a series of steps. This has do be done by multidisciplinary research groups. Computational tools are integral in this process. Supercomputers with libraries containing millions of chemical compounds choose the best candidate to tackle the disease. Horacio Pérez has shown that such a process can be drastically accelerated by computer simulation of discovery of bioactive compounds, using a multidisciplinary research model (Chemistry, Biology, Computing, Engineering, Medicine). The San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia has invested a total of 7,183,973 euros in research in the past year 2012-2013.