UCAM Participates in the international symposium of university teachers organized by the Vatican

A group of professors and researchers from the Catholic University of Murcia with Giuseppe Versaldi, prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education and the host of the event.

21 September 2016

UCAM delegation that participated in the Symposium


“It is really special, a gathering of international humanist and Christian values”. This is the feeling of the group of pilgrims from UCAM that recently went to Rome to attend a university symposium in which the motto of “Knowledge and Mercy.” The group of teachers who attended this event came from different departments of UCAM, the list of fields include health sciences, engineering, communication, legal sciences and business to name a few.  

The Catholic University group held  a meeting with Giuseppe Versaldi, prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education, at the Church of St. John Lateran, considered the cathedral of the Italian capital.

The culmination of this event was held at the Plaza de San Pedro del Vaticano which Pope Francis attended and addressed all the groups from various universities that joined the symposium.

The theme of this event, which is part of the Year of Mercy decreed by Pope, has highlighted the important role of research, understanding that a society in which research does not exist or not supported is doomed to fail. Another important concept debated was the dual concept of science and mercy understood as two indivisible realities.