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UCAM offers the possibility to begin undergraduate studies in January

The enrolment period is now open for those preferring this option, in a wide range of degrees, including postgraduate studies.

Students of the UCAM Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics during an internship in one of the laboratories of the Murcia Campus.
Students of the UCAM Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics during an internship in one of the laboratories of the Murcia Campus.

With the start of the new year, many people set themselves challenges, including with regard to their education. For this reason, the Universidad Católica de Murcia gives students the opportunity to begin their studies during these first months of the year in a series of Bachelor's Degrees that the institution offers on campus and in blended learning at its campuses in Murcia and Cartagena, as well as online. Interested students shall begin their studies this second semester based on the syllabus of the degrees, and always guided by the academic and personal tutors that the University provides for the students throughout their studies.

‘UCAM offers a wide range of degrees so that students can begin this year by enrolling at the university. As a hallmark of this university, we offer students an academic and personal tutor for a complete adaptation, as well as personalised attention and innovative teaching methodologies,’ explains Manuel Carlos Ruiz, UCAM Vice-Rector of Quality and Academic Planning.

Studying at UCAM means choosing a top quality education, with small groups and a teaching staff in contact with the profession, committed to research, with syllabuses adapted to the demands of each sector, supporting sport from the grassroots upwards and providing training in values in the light of Christian humanism. The University provides education with cutting-edge technologies, high-quality practices and innovative assessment methods, which give added value to teaching - more than three thousand students have already had educational experiences with virtual and augmented reality.

The highest offer of Degrees in English

UCAM is the university in the Region — and one of the first in Spain — that offers most degrees in English, both undergraduate and postgraduate, a crucial element in today's globalised world, in which companies demand professionals with a command of a second language. This allows students to complete their studies in a comprehensive manner, acquiring professional and personal skills to enter the world of work in the best possible conditions.

Prestigious international rankings such as the Times Higher Education World University Ranking, the IUNE Observatory, CYD and QS Stars Rating System highlight UCAM's educational model, its internationalisation, online training and commitment to its students, as well as its high score in employability, where its close relationship with the business world is key.


Bachelor’s Degrees open for enrolment:

- Dentistry (English, Cartagena).

- Veterinary (Bilingual). 

- Human Nutrition and Dietetics (Spanish).

- Food Science and Technology (Spanish) .

- Gastronomy (Spanish).

- Pharmacy (Spanish).

- Biotechnology (Spanish).

- Physiotherapy (Spanish).

- Occupational Therapy (Spanish).

- Podiatry (Spanish).

- Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (Spanish and English).

- Audiovisual Communication (Spanish).

- Journalism (Spanish).

- Advertising and Public Relations (Spanish).

- Early Childhood Education (Spanish).

- Primary education (Spanish).

- Translation and Interpreting (Spanish).

- Law (Spanish).

- Criminology (Spanish).

- Labour Relations and Human Resources (Spanish).

- Business Administration and Management (Spanish and English).

- Marketing and Commercial Management (Spanish).

- Principles of Architecture (Spanish).

- Building Services Engineering (Spanish).

- Civil Engineering (Spanish).

- Telecommunication Technology Engineering (Spanish).

- Psychology (Online, Spanish)

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