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Spanish University Championships

UCAM makes a stellar debut with five medals at the Spanish University Championships

UCAM 2022 Cross team
UCAM 2022 Cross team

The 2022 Spanish University Championships kicked off at the Úrsula Ruiz athletics track in Lorca. The cross-country event was the first of the twenty sports events to be organised by UCAM in the Region of Murcia and its athletes won four gold medals and one silver one.

The Universidad Católica athletes triumphed in all four categories of the tournament. The first medals were gold for Clara Viñarás and silver for Beatriz Álvarez in the women's event, whose results, together with those of her teammates Teresa Urbina and Eva Álvarez, turned them into women's team champions.


After these three medals, it was the men's turn with Daniel Arce taking gold in the individual category. In addition, he, together with Víctor Ruiz, Mohamed Lansi and Andreu Blanes, also won gold in the team category.