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UCAM launches 'Spin ON Project', a programme for the creation of technology-based companies

UCAM launches 'Spin ON Project', a programme for the creation of technology-based companies
Spin ON Project

The Vice-chancellorship for Research and the Murcia Institute of Technology, in collaboration with the Regional Ministry for Enterprise, Industry and Representation, launch a project to promote the creation of technology-based companies using scientific and technological knowledge from the field of research and entrepreneurship.

With the launch of Spin ON, UCAM's High Technology Incubator, UCAM HIGH Tech, will begin to receive projects that are in their incubation phase in the field of health, sport and food with a high technological component.

This initiative is aimed at both members of the university community and other actors involved in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem of the Region of Murcia. In the selection phase, the projects related to the Coronavirus COVID-19 will be evaluated in a relevant way.

Spin ON Project consists of the following phases, which will take place throughout the year 2020:

Phase I. Group training and project selection

In this first phase, which lasts one and a half months, the projects registered in the programme will receive group training in market research, technology watch, business model, Lean methodology, prototyping, project communication and presentation.  

Phase II. Validation and proposal of business model

In the second phase, each project will have a mentor who will accompany it during three months throughout the process of validating the project. In parallel, a series of complementary training workshops will be held. 

Phase III. Project incubation

In the third phase, each project will have the support to reach the necessary maturity to ensure the launch of the product or service onto the market. The maximum duration of this phase is 4 months. During this phase each project will promote through training workshops the aspects related to marketing, sales, economic and financial viability, intellectual property and legal aspects.


Project registrations until 8 May 2020. 

Project conditions

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