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UCAM joins the European Federation of Catholic Universities

The Universidad Católica de Murcia was already a member of the international federation

The inclusion of UCAM in the European Federation of Catholic Universities was

approved at the meeting held in Tirana (Albania), following the presentation of the

candidacy by the Vice-Rector for International Relations and Communication, Pablo

Blesa, and the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Gonzalo Wandosell.

Both stressed that ‘UCAM was already part of the International Federation of

Catholic Universities
’ and highlighted that ‘the work we have been doing in these 25

years of evangelisation, teaching, research, sports and internationalisation will

strengthen this organisation of great prestige, a reference among Catholic universities’.

They added that ‘thanks to this forum, UCAM will expand its international

and our students will be able to benefit from new mobility grants to study

in our partner universities’.

The FUCE was created in 1991 to offer a new contribution to the network of Catholic

universities. At the end of the 1990s, FUCE conducted a comparative study that

revealed the commonalities between the different Catholic universities in Europe. It thus

showed the need to strengthen existing links, even after the implementation of the

Bologna Process.