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UCAM, fully committed to help those affected by the war in the Ukraine

Its president, José Luis Mendoza, after a multitudinous prayer for peace, has announced that the institution is going to give scholarships to its Ukrainian students, will take in relatives and displaced university students so that they can continue their studies at the Universidad Católica, will send urgent aid and will donate the UCAM CB's Wednesday box office, all channelled through its Platform for Peace

Attendees at the Gathering for Peace' on the los Jerónimos Campus.
Attendees at the Gathering for Peace' on the los Jerónimos Campus.

Hundreds of students, professors and staff, together with the President of the University, José Luis Mendoza; the Rector, Josefina García, the rest of the Governing Council of the Universidad Católica de Murcia and its senior chaplain, Luis Emilio Pascual, have embraced the Ukrainian students this morning, who were visibly moved. Prayers and aid of various kinds were shown, and said aid will increase in the coming days, through the Platform for Peace, created by the institution as a result of the conflict in Ukraine, but which will help those affected by any war.

The event was simultaneously held on the UCAM campuses in Cartagena and Murcia, where Ilia Polischuk, a Ukrainian exchange student, reflected on the seriousness of the situation in his country: "In Ukraine, my university no longer exists, it has been turned into a field. The war is destroying my country and my city"; he asked for help and thanked the many signs of solidarity they are receiving: "we want to thank UCAM, its president, and our fellow students for the solidarity they are showing towards us".

In his speech, José Luis Mendoza assured that the Universidad Católica is at the service of its Ukrainian students and their families: "As Universidad Católica, we are fully committed, body and soul, to this mission of helping and serving. We will welcome families and certain individuals who have come here alone and who have nothing, as well as university students who have fled their country, so that they can continue their studies, as much as possible. We hope that this situation will be resolved for the good of humanity". The president of the Universidad Católica, who informed the Ukrainian students of UCAM that they will receive scholarships to finish their studies free of charge, asked them to pray for peace and harmonious coexistence, and encouraged the Russian and Ukrainian students of UCAM "to be an example of reunion and forgiveness".

Furthermore, the match between UCAM Murcia CB and Hereda San Pablo Burgos at the Palacio de los Deportes this Wednesday (8:30pm) has been declared a charity game by José Luis Mendoza. This means that the entire box office will go to the victims of the war in Ukraine and fans will be able to donate clothes and non-perishable food items.


Together with Pope Francis, for the people of Ukraine

"Rivers of blood and tears are flowing in Ukraine. It is not just a military operation, but a war, sowing death, destruction and misery. The number of victims is increasing, as are the people fleeing, especially mothers and children. In this tormented country, the need for humanitarian aid is growing dramatically by the hour". These words by Pope Francis perfectly illustrate the feelings of the UCAM community regarding the invasion of Ukraine.