UCAM forms convention with Siemens in field of radiology

Siemens convention will enable UCAM's medical students to have access to the latest image-based diagnosis technology logotipo_siemens.jpg

26 February 2015

UCAM has signed a convention of collaboration with technology giant Siemens, in order to establish a chair of Siemens Radiology under the name of 'W.C Roentgen'. This agreement is aimed to further the professional formation of UCAM's medical students, by granting them access to the latest technology used for medical diagnosis (resonance, X-ray computed tomography, etc) as well as allowing them to exchange experiences and develop projects of innovation. 

This convention will allow both institutions to carry out investigative activities and to publish and transfer knowledge, teaching and innovations in this field of image-based diagnosis, in the (in vitro) laboratory, and in the context of therapies and information technology aimed at more personalized health care.  

The agreement was initialled by UCAM's president, José Luis Mendoza; and the CEO of Siemens Healthcare España, Mr Luis Cortina, who highlighted as another goal "the creation of programmes which will develop innovation and allow us to become more sustainable in the field of healthcare" through this chair of Siemens Radiology. Doctor Vicente García Medina was appointed as director of this new chair, stating that "Nowadays the study of medicine goes hand in hand with technological development and innovation, thus this represents an added bonus for students of this degree".  

Cutting-edge technology

In order to aid the academic formation of medical students , two seminars on medical technology and clinical applications have been programmed to take place at Siemens' Centre of Excellency (Syngo Academy) in Getafe, Madrid. Furthermore, students will visit the facilities where Siemens manufactures conventional radiology equipment with the aim to familiarize themselves with the manufacturing processes and the type of cutting-edge technology that they will use throughout their professional careers.