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UCAM Faculty of Law celebrates the Official Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year

Students and professors of the UCAM Faculty of Law have gathered at the Assembly Hall of the

Los Jerónimos Campus to celebrate the official presentation of the new academic year.

Josefina García, UCAM Rector; Jaime Sánchez-Vizcaíno, Dean of the Faculty; Manuel Ruiz, Vice-

Rector of Quality and Academic Planning; and Ricardo Gabaldón, President of the Spanish

General Council of Social Graduates, who gave the conference The transformation of labour

law in the post-covid era: professional opportunities.

Gabaldón assured the students that they have chosen ‘a career with impressive opportunities,

and at a time when labour relations are booming. We professionals are eager to recruit trained

people willing to gain experience’. The pandemic, he added, ‘has been a turning point that has

brought about so much more work for everyone in this field

The new faculty, which offers degrees in Law, Criminology, Labour Relations, and a number of

related master's degrees, was presented by Jaime Sánchez Vizcaíno, who also thanked Ricardo

Gabaldón for his participation in the event. ‘We begin this academic year excited to do things

right, as we have always done in our faculty and university