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UCAM celebrates Europe Day

International students, professors and researchers took part in the scientific seminar 'The European Union: the phenomenon of fake news and its legal problems'

International students taking part in the Europe Day event
International students taking part in the Europe Day event

On the occasion of Europe Day, 9 May, the Universidad Católica de Murcia held a scientific seminar in which students from Europe, America and Asia took part in a debate on 'Youth and the European Union'. Professors and researchers also analysed the influence of fake news on different issues, such as the fight against disinformation in the European Union, the use of false narratives by Russia to justify the invasion of Ukraine, climate change and taxation in the EU's environmental policy, as well as the solutions of competition law to tackle fake news. 

The event was inaugurated by Adrían Zittelli, General Director of the European Union in the Region of Murcia, who highlighted the unity of the EU "after the post-Covid crisis and currently during the war in Ukraine, which shows that we are better together". Pablo Blesa, Vice-Rector of International Relations and Communication of the Universidad Católica, said that with this seminar "we mainly want students to know what Murcia does for Europe and what Europe does for Murcia, to see how the EU is perceived by other geographical areas, as well as to raise the issue of fake news, which is so worrying in the old continent".