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UCAM buys polypropylene fabric to make 25,000 surgical gowns for the Murcia Health Service

More than 30 furniture factories of Yecla and leather factories of Molina will produce gowns with this special protection material, bought for 18,000 Euro, which will be later collected by the Murcia Health Service for the health professionals.

UCAM buys polypropylene fabric to make 25,000 surgical gowns for the Murcia Health Service
Image of one of the 30 factories in the Region where they are making the 25,000 gowns for health professionals.

UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia, in coordination with the Murcia Health Service, donated 18,000 Euro in special polypropylene fabric to produce 25,000 protection gowns for health professionals. It is the most needed material in this moment for these professionals, as it has been specified by the Murcia Health Service to the university.

With the intention of producing them as fast as possible, the gowns will by produced by around thirty companies of the furniture area of Yecla and a company of Molina de Segura that produces leather, which will manufacture them in its Hellín headquarters. During the next days, the gowns will be delivered to the Murcia Health Service, with the aim of contributing so that the health professionals can continue their work facing the crisis provoked by the COVID19 coronavirus pandemic in the safest way.

This is one of the various actions that UCAM is developing to help in this situation of health crisis. Previously, it delivered around 4,000 items for protection, such as surgical gowns, boot swabs and disposable BioClean-D overalls, which it had in its storages for the students’ practices. And thanks to the initiative of its Student Council, various students made themselves available for the authorities and associations such as Caritas and Jesús Abandonado to help people with mobility problems with their daily tasks, such as buying food or medicines.