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UCAM becomes an honorary partner of the Green Hydrogen Sector Association

The Universidad Católica de Murcia joins, as an honorary member, the Green Hydrogen Sector

in the Region of Murcia (AHMU in Spanish), which is working to make the Region’s

transition towards renewable energies a reality
. This new link, thanks to the degrees and

research groups, promotes the knowledge foundations for a decarbonised economy using

renewable energies and green hydrogen.

There are currently various university initiatives which contribute to a clean energy transition

and the optimisation of renewable resources to generate more energy. UCAM is

experimenting in a demonstration space at the UCAM Polytechnic School, with which it has

managed to supply electricity, hot water, and air conditioning to a sector of the Los Jerónimos

Campus. These facilities consist of a set of photovoltaic solar panels, a wind turbine, and a

100m vertical geothermal borehole, the first deep geothermal infrastructure to be deployed in

the Region of Murcia.