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UCAM, awarded for its ESTPORT Project bringing the athletes tutorship model to other countries

Miguel Ángel López (best athlete), the UCAM Murcia CB (best team), José Antonio Carrillo (best coach) and Alejandro Valverde (greatest sport exploit), other awards with the seal of the Catholic University

UCAM, awarded for its ESTPORT Project bringing the athletes tutorship model to other countries

Wed, 25/11/2015 - 14:00

The Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM) has been awarded by the Association of Sport Journalists of the region of Murcia (APDRM) for the project led by the European Union to improve and export the Dual Career model and personalized tutoring for athletes to others European universities: Italia (Università degli Studi di Roma ‘Foro Itálico’), Greece (University of Thessaly), United Kingdom (Leeds Trinity University) and Malta (University of Malta). This project goes by the name of ESTPORT.

The Faculty of Sport of UCAM is the engine of this model, although athletes can pursue their studies in any faculty of the university. Its dean, Antonio Sánchez Pato. was happy for the recognition: “this prize endorses the great work developed by UCAM to support the dual career of athletes-students. The sport tutoring model, created by José Luis Mendoza, and managed by the Sport Activities Service and the Faculty of Sports, in collaboration with all the other degrees and services of the university, has become a role model”.


Award with the seal of UCAM

In addition, four others prizes granted by the APDRM have the seal of the Catholic University of Murcia. Miguel Ángel López, student in the Bachelor in Physical Activity and Sport Science, has been elected ‘Best Athlete’ for his victory in the 20km race-walking at the World Athletics Championships. His coach, José Antonio Carrillo, who is also president of the UCAM Athleo Cieza and technician of other international race-walkers, has also been awarded as ‘Best Trainer’.

Moreover, the UCAM Murcia CB, which completed in 2015 the best season of its history in the Liga Endesa, has been awarded with the title of “Best Team”. The captain, José Ángel Antelo, appreciated the award: ”this is a great pride for the club, for the staff and for the fans. We struggle a lot to get that. Since I am here, we had never won it and I hope we will receive it more, because this will mean that the club is still doing as well as it did last season”. Another award bearing UCAM’s seal is Alejandro Valverde, with who the university is collaborating through a cycling school to train young talents. The cyclist of Las Lumbreras received the award of  ‘Greatest Exploit’ for its podium at the Tour de France.

The award gala will be celebrated on the 21st of December at 9 p.m.