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UCAM athletes win 17 medals at the European Games

The competition, which took place in Kraków, was attended by Olympians from the Universidad Católica de Murcia such as Carolina Marín, Saúl Craviotto, Adriana Cerezo and Mohamed Katir

UCAM athletes win 17 medals at the European Games
Carolina Marín, UCAM athlete, with the gold medal she won at the European Games. Spanish Olympic Committee.

UCAM athletes have enjoyed resounding success at the Kraków 2023 European Games, winning 17 medals (10 golds, 3 silvers and 4 bronzes) and two direct tickets to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Highlights include the performances of Carolina Marín (badminton), who once again won a continental crown and her seventh European title; the Spanish K4 team, made up of Craviotto, Arévalo, Cooper and Germade (canoeing); Damián Quintero (karate), who won his third European Games; Mohamed Katir (athletics), who dominated the 1,500 metres with a dazzling last two laps; and Adriana Cerezo (taekwondo), who at 19 years of age is adding international titles to her dazzling Olympic silver medal at the Tokyo Games.

In addition, UCAM athletes Laura Fuertes and Elia Canales won Olympic places for Paris 2024. The former has become the first Spanish boxer in history to go to the Olympic Games and the latter, who won her place with her gold medal in mixed team archery, also won a second medal as runner-up in individual recurve.

Canoeist Antía Jácome also finished as a double medallist, winning gold in C2 200m mixed and silver in C2 500m. Taekwondo was another discipline where UCAM athletes were the most successful, with gold medals for Adriana Cerezo (-48kg), Adrián Vicente (-58kg) and Javier Pérez Polo (-68kg), plus bronze for Raúl Martínez (-87kg). In canoeing, in addition to the aforementioned two medals of Antía Jácome, there was the gold medal of the Spanish K4 500m and the silver medal for Cayetano García and Pablo Martínez in C2 500m.

  1. Damián Quintero (Karate, individual kata)
  2. Saúl Craviotto, Carlos Arévalo, Marcus Cooper and Rodrigo Germade (Canoeing, K4 500m)
  3. Javier Pérez Polo (Taekwondo, -68kg)
  4. Mohamed Katir (Athletics, 1500m)
  5. Quique Llopis (Athletics, 110m hurdles)
  6. Antía Jácome (Canoeing, C2 200m mixed)
  7. Adrián Vicente (Taekwondo, -58kg)
  8. Adriana Cerezo (Taekwondo, -49kg)
  9. Elia Canales (Archery, mixed team)
  10. Carolina Marín (Badminton, individual)


  1. Cayetano García and Pablo Martínez (Canoeing, C2 500m)
  2. Antía Jácome (Canoeing, C2 500m)
  3. Elia Canales (Archery, singles recurve)


  1. Araceli Martínez (Paddle tennis, mixed doubles)
  2. María Torres (Karate, +68kg)
  3. Raúl Martínez (Taekwondo, -87kg)
  4. Laura Fuertes (Boxing, -50kg)