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UCAM and Grupo Fuertes create a chair to promote technological innovation

The agreement was signed by the presidents of both entities, María Dolores García and Tomás Fuertes.
The agreement was signed by the presidents of both entities, María Dolores García and Tomás Fuertes.

With the aim of promoting knowledge in cutting-edge areas such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and other advanced technologies and their transfer to the business world, the Universidad Católica de Murcia and Grupo Fuertes have created the NeoTech-Grupo Fuertes Chair.


This agreement was signed by the presidents of both institutions, María Dolores García and Tomás Fuertes, in a warm and friendly ceremony at the Los Jerónimos Campus and in the presence of the Director of the Chair, Belén López Ayuso, UCAM Vice-Rector of Digital Education; Isabel Mendoza, Head of Legal Services; Pablo Lorente, Corporate CFO of Grupo Fuertes, and their Corporate Director of Strategy and Investments, Augusto Fuertes.

Tomás Fuertes highlighted how UCAM provides knowledge to society, stressing that this agreement ‘adds value in terms of business application; we intend for this chair to be useful for Murcia, for UCAM and for the whole world.’ Meanwhile, María Dolores García underlined the importance of Grupo Fuertes inside and outside the Region, ‘an example to learn from’, and highlighted ‘the humanist touch’ that the president of Grupo Fuertes brings to his business activity, which ‘we both value so much and which makes us get involved with the students so that they can serve society.’  

This agreement launches a strategic alliance aimed at strengthening the collaboration between both organisations in this field, especially in computer engineering, which ‘will bring students closer to the reality of business, as the Undergraduate Dissertations in this area will focus on solving problems and challenges proposed by the Grupo Fuertes’, emphasised Belén López Ayuso.  

Similarly, Pablo Lorente explained that ‘companies and universities have to come closer together so that there is a wise relationship between the training of young students and the experience that we provide them with in the company, which will improve their professional future.’  

This new Chair will begin with seminars, conferences and lectures in the aforementioned areas of knowledge: artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and industry 4.0, which are key in the current labour market. In addition, prizes will be awarded to the best undergraduate dissertations, encouraging students to develop innovative and practical projects that seek to solve current problems in the industry. Furthermore, the best projects will be given high visibility, opening the door to the development of doctoral theses in collaboration with Grupo Fuertes.