UCAM affirms the support for entrepreneurship together with Foundation INCYDE

The two institutions have renovated, for the 5th year in a row, an agreement with which, through ITM and the International Women’s, Company and Sports Chair, kicks off seven courses of entrepreneurship in the areas of sports, social media, health, tourism and feminine

14 March 2019

Moment of the signing of agreement between the president of UCAM, José Luis Mendoza and the general director of INCYDE Foundation, Javier Collado.


In these 5 years, the Catholic University and Foundation INCYDE have developed 16 programs of education with which they have promote various projects of entrepreneurship and the strengthening of the Murcian business community, financed by the European Social Fund. During the last academic year, ITM (Instituto Tecnológico de Murcia) kicked off more than 250 pioneering projects through these programs. 70% of them have turned into real companies.

For 2019 ITM has programmed seven courses in entrepreneurship in the areas of sports, social media, tourism and social. Cesár Nicolás, the executive director, assures that “the success of the inscriptions in some of these courses, such as the sports one, has lead us to repeat the experience, but in this case we have amplified with two nes courses, the one in social entrepreneurship and tourism”.

UCAM’s International Women’s, Company and Sports Chair joins in in this promotion of entrepreneurship through the implementation of two new editions of EmFemenino, a program that already has had success. The director of the Chair, María Jesús Bonilla affirms that “the feedback we have got from the women who participated in our course has been very satisfactory, we do a follow-up on them, and the majority have taken action in entrepreneuring. We consider that the best way to guarantee equal opportunities is education and employment”.

From Foundation INCYDE, the general director, Javier Collado, makes a positive assessment of the programs offered through UCAM “We are an intermediate organisation, everything done with the European Fund has to be executed efficiently and with the best results, and during these years the Catholic University the results have improved, which is the reason for the renovation of this agreement”.