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Tressis will collaborate with UCAM to improve the financial training of its football and basketball teams

Tressis will collaborate with UCAM to improve the financial training of its football and basketball teams
Image of the last meeting held with the soccer and basketball teams together with the president of our university, José Luis Mendoza

Tressis, an independent society of values, leader in the management of assets and in financial planning, and UCAM Universidad Católica de Murcia concluded a deal so that the players of the football team (that plays in the 2nd division B) and of the basketball team (Liga Endesa) of UCAM can benefit from the services of financial planning and of a training programme on this subject.

The deal, signed by Sonsoles Santamaría, general-director of Tressis and José Luis Mendoza, president of UCAM Universidad Católica de Murcia, is a part of a wider agreement between the two institutions that starts with these two initiatives.

Currently, the rate of high-level athletes that faces economic problems once his/her competitive trajectory is over is very high. This is why UCAM, known as the ‘University of Sport’, has decided to increase the attention towards the players of its football and basketball teams, by concluding a deal with Tressis to offer them, preferentially, its counselling services on financial planning and training, which will allow them to carry out the transition towards the new phase of their lives under the best possible conditions.

Sonsoles Santamaría, general director of the business of Tressis, points out that “the key element to make this deal were the shared values that inspire both entities. Excellence, trust, transparency and team work are the pillars of this project”.

One of the commitments of UCAM with sport is to help the athletes with their stability during their high-competition phase and to help them, after their retirement, to live in the best possible conditions. The system of economic aids and of dual training, which allows them to obtain a university degree with tutors and adapted teaching strategies, made the university know in Europe as ‘The University of Sport’.

In this way, the collaboration between the two entities strengthens two very important aspects for both of them: the training, the nucleus of the University, by fostering the financial culture through a finance programme taught by Tressis, and the attainment of the vital purposes of the athletes, beyond their sporting achievements, with a personalised planning proposal.


Regarding Tressis

Tressis ( is the leading independent society of values in the management of assets and in financial planning, with a clients’ asset of over 4,400 million euros (data from December 2019). Founded in June 2000, it is composed by a team of professionals with a wide experience in the financial field and a network of agents at a national scale as well as institutional clients. It has a wide selection of products (investment funds, pension schemes and insurances) of the greatest managers and insurance firms, fixed income, values, portfolio management service and financial advice. The access to a transactional area for the purchase and the on-line monitoring of the positions, together with the products and services, guarantees the best offer for the investors. The entity is in Madrid, Alicante, Barcelona, Córdoba, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Logroño, Lleida, Sevilla, Santander, Valencia, Bilbao, Palma and Valladolid.