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TransPerfect chooses UCAM for its first Advanced University Course in Factuals Dubbing

In this course, promoted by the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication of the UCAM, the students will become part of a TransPerfect voice bank to be able to dub content for documentaries, animation or e-learning programmes.

One of the sessions in the Dubbing Studio at Los Jerónimos Campus
One of the sessions in the Dubbing Studio at Los Jerónimos Campus

TransPerfect, the most important global company in the field of voice-over and dubbing, begins its journey into the world of higher education through UCAM with the Advanced University Course in Factuals (fact-based entertainment) Dubbing. At the end of the training, in the first week of June, the students, who are not required to have any specific prior knowledge, will be part of TransPerfect's Voice-Over and Dubbing voice bank. 

Its headquarters are in Barcelona and it has more than 1,000 employees. We are proud to work with them. We are also the only university that collaborates with the company in this area,’ said Pablo BlesaDean of the UCAM Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication.  


‘The world of dubbing offers many opportunities in terms of content: from documentaries, animated films, conventional films, e-learning programmes to realities. These are great opportunities for students, as we have a very extensive database of dubbing actors and actresses who we call when we have work to do,’ says Gemma Cuní, head of Dubbing Casting at TransPerfect.  

The company launched the Estudio Next Dubbing Academy remote recording platform in 2019 and thanks to this the course will have two blocks, ‘an on-site half, of 50 hours, which is taught at UCAM, in our Dubbing Studio, and simultaneously, another online part, also 50 hours long.  The aim is for students to be able to work from home with a small setup,’ explains Josefina Sánchez Martínez, Academic Secretary of the Bachelor's Degree in Audiovisual Communication and Director of the Advanced University Course in Factuals Dubbing.