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Tips to enhance your performance during the exam session

Tips to enhance your performance during the exam session
UCAM students preparing exams

The Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology of UCAM has created the “5&5” technique for the preparation and completion of exams. These are the tips that it offers to you:

During preparation:

Plan your study. 

Make outlines and summaries.

Find an adequate space and environment to focus.

Revise the tests done during the current and previous academic years.

Take care of nutrition and rest. 

During the completion of the exam:

Close your eyes for a few seconds before you start, take a deep breath and focus. 

Read the statements carefully and answer the questions.

Plan the answers of the exam according to the time you have to complete it. 

Organise the information in your mind based on what you have studied; the outlines and summaries you have been working on are the basis of this organisation.

Revise the exam before you submit it.

These tips will help you to keep you cognitively fit and to improve your learning. Likewise, as well as the guidelines established by some professors of UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia, there are many other recommendations to bear in mind such as: to have breakfast; to start studying long before the date of the exam; to establish what you need to focus on, since there are various types of exams; to make a schedule as detailed as possible; to be productive during your hours of study; to be positive, sleep well and, of course, exercise.