The Sustainable Development Goals, Spanish Football Federation and UCAM unite

The I RSFutbol Workshop, celebrated in Seville because of the final of Copa del Rey, was coordinated by Chair of International Corporate Social Responsibility from Catholic University of Murcia

27 May 2019

Regional Government of Andalucía, including vice president Juan Marín and various experts from world of football, CRS, education, institutions and from tertiary sector participated in the workshop


Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), wants to put the Sustainable Development Goals and CRS in the centre of all their activities. This effort has also the Football Federation of Region of Murcia united, with José Miguel Monje Carrillo at the head, working to achieve a socially responsible football world.

Therefore, taking advantage of the Copa del Rey final, RFEF organised the I RSFutbol Workshop in Seville. The workshop was coordinated by the Chair of International Corporate Social Responsibility from Catholic University of Murcia. The event has served as a basis for the work that the Spanish football world can do to collaborate in fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals set by United Nations for 2030.

UCAM, present in Seville

Pablo Rosique, general director of sports at UCAM attended the workshop. He presented the work that UCAM is doing in sports world and how this work connects to Corporate Social Responsibility. Victor Meseguer, director of the CSR professoriate of UCAM also attended in the workshop, where he spoke about the possibilities that the football world offers as fur as fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals.

Members from the Regional Government of Andalucía, among them the vice president Juan Marín, and different football experts participated. Also experts on CSR, education, institutions and experts on tertiary sector were present, such as Juan Antonio Pedreño, president of UCOMUR, UCOERM, COCETA, CEPES and Social Economy Europe, and Juan Antonio Segura, general director of the CEPAIM Foundation.