Study in English language without leaving Spain

UCAM University offers three Bachelor's Degrees, Modern Languages, Physical Activity and Sports Science, and Business Administration and Management Degree, and seven Master's Courses taught in the English language.

12 July 2017

UCAM Students' at the Campus


One of the increasing demands of Degree and postgraduate students is the possibility of following their studies in the English language. Hence, more and more Spanish students see themselves forced to study out of Spain to be able to receive this training option. Recently, the Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia (UCAM) has incorporated in Degree and postgraduate studies the possibility of following some of these studies entirely in the English language, to foster the possibility of acquiring a good command of this language at the same time that they obtain their academic Degree. Therefore, the student can study the Degree or Master course wished, without leaving his/her home country, Spain, with the savings and convenience it would mean. 

Degree studies
The three Degree studies offered in UCAM are Bachelor’s Modern Languages, Physical Activity and Sports Science, and Business Administration and Management Degree, all of them face-to-face classes.

Physical Activity and Sports Science Degree (CAFD) starts next academic course 2017-2018 in the English option, given the increase in the number of foreign students that choose UCAM as “the Sport University in Europe”. A lot of students from all over the world choose this Degree in UCAM, and even Spanish students prefer to follow this tuition in English.   

Native English teachers specialized in this field teach in this Degree together with the international repercussion of studying in the classroom with classmates from the five continents and from many different cultures are the strong points that allow the student to obtain an added value when studying in English. This factor is decisive in the Degree of Business Administration and Management since business world is more and more globalized and it is fundamental to know the differences among countries and cultures when it comes to carrying out business actions with other countries corporations. Particularly, this Degree offers the option to choose to specialize in two languages (English-French or English-German).

Official Postgraduate Courses in English
Master courses UCAM has already a wide experience of several years of tuition in English. It is important to highlight the Master Courses in the Tourism field, that is one of the driving forces of Spanish economy that demands more and more skilled professionals with a good command of English language. Therefore, the Innovation and Tourism Marketing and Hospitality Management Master Courses train the student to guide him/her towards a particular branch of tourism field with the advantage to share the class with students from other nationalities and languages.

Other Postgraduate studies taught in English are Bilingual Teaching, MBA Business Administration, MBA Sports Management and European Studies and Human Rights.

Short Programs in English
The academic offer in English in UCAM offers a series of short programs focused on fostering training in a particular area in order to obtain a higher level of skill in the student with the extra addition of doing them in English. UCAM offers nine short programs: Spanish Preparatory Program, Video Technology and Applications in Events, Big Data Fundamentals & Applications in Bioinformatics, Media and Communications, Intelligent Management for the Tourism Industry, Sports Management, Spanish Language & Culture Summer Program, Spanish Language & Culture Winter Program y Fundamentals of 3D Digital Design & Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing).

UCAM internationalization is shown not only its training but also in its intense research activity. Hence nowadays UCAM collaborates in research projects with 33 universities from all over the world (28 out of them from the European Community), from USA, China, and Australia universities. The research is carried out in the field of Social Sciences, Environment, Disability, Audio-visual field, Immigration sport, and medicine. Besides that, the institution has agreements with 169 European universities, 66 from Latin America and 125 from the rest of the world, for the exchange of students, to increase the teachers training, research doctorate, etc