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The students of the Master in Management of Sport Entities visit prestigious sport centers and entities in Madrid

Students receiving a master class at the Cívitas-Metropolitano Stadium
Students on their visit to the Cívitas-Metropolitano Stadium

The Master in Management of Sport Entities + MBA Sports Management began its activity this year in November 2022. A total of 21 students of various nationalities were involved in an academic path that has led them to receive training in different areas of the sports industry. such as the management and organization of events, the management of sports entities, communication and marketing strategies or the development of CSR projects in sports, among some other areas.

Until now, the content developed in the master's degree has had a predominantly theoretical component in the classroom, where professors of great national and international impact in the sports industry have passed. But, if something characterizes this program, it is its comprehensive and complete vision of the sports industry. For this reason, students, at the end of the lectures period, are going to complement their training with numerous visits and activities in some of the most prestigious and well-known entities in the country.

Students at Cívitas-Metropolitano Stadium

For several days the students have had the opportunity to visit entities located in the Community of Madrid. An opportunity to put into context all the content that they have been able to learn during the master's degree. Thus, the tour of the capital began with a visit to the Cívitas-Metropolitan Stadium of Atlético de Madrid, where, in addition to taking a tour of the stadium and seeing the museum, the students received a master class from Pilar Chavarría Arias, Compliance Manager of the club.

The first day was complemented by a visit to the La Zarzuela Hippodrome, where a tour trough the facility was also carried out, especially the stands, which were declared an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC) with the category of monument. The session was led by Kristopher Kramer, Deputy Director of Betting and Racing Days, who explained the process and structure followed in the different racing days that are organized at the facility, as well as explaining the regulations and characteristics of this sport and its relationship with the betting industry.

Students at Hipódromo de La Zarzuela

The second day of visits began at the WiZink Center, where the Head of Communication, María Vidal, guided the group through the installation and thus saw its structure and characteristics, to then explain, in a good presentation, the strategies that are followed for the operation and maintenance of the facility. These strategies have led them to be the facility with the largest number of events organized in Spain and to obtain fourth position in the "Top 200 World Arenas", the prestigious ranking of venues carried out annually by the international magazine Pollstar.

Students at WiZink Center

The day continued in Alcorcón, where a visit to X-Madrid was made, a leisure center completely focused on the development of sports-related activities and events. There, the students, guided by the Manager of the center, Jorge Amérigo, were able to see the great amount of offer they have for sports such as climbing, skateboarding, free style, among others. This tour of the center was completed with an explanation of the strategy they follow in organizing events related to these activities. In addition, the students actively participated in a session on Virtual Revolution.

The visit had a very marked central point. At the Honna Surf Hub facilities, the students received a master class from Anna García, Key Account Manager at Kapital Hunters, in which the model they follow when managing different projects that they are developing, like Honna Surf Hub itself, Catalunya WorldSBK and the project they did with Joan Lascorz in the Dakar 2022.

Students at Honna Surf Hub

To end the day and, as a final climax, the students attended the Endesa League match between Real Madrid and Bàsquet Girona to which they were invited to watch from a VIP Box.

Two days of great experience for the students, who will complete this experience with a trip to the United Arab Emirates to make more visits and conferences at sports industry entities in Dubai and Abu-Dhabi.

The Master in Management of Sport Entities + MBA Sports Management is one of the most powerful programs at the university, in which students of different nationalities coexist during one academic year. This, added to the quality of the teaching staff and the classes, as well as the complementary activities that are carried out, make the experience for the student very satisfactory and productive for their professional future.

Endesa League match: Real Madrid - Bàsquet Girona