Students from 100 foreign universities will study at UCAM this second semester

27 February 2017

Welcoming incoming international students


The Vice-Rector of International Relations, Pablo Blesa, welcomed the students and stressed that "many of them come here because of the reputation of the University and the Spanish language."

International students, from 100 universities in America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, have arrived this morning at UCAM to attend graduate and postgraduate studies in the second semester. "Many of these students are attracted by the reputation of the university at an international level and the Spanish language," said the vice-rector of International Relations, Pablo Blesa, adding that presently "there are 450 million Spanish speakers world-wide and in 20 years, there will be 750 million."

During the event, Blesa encouraged students to take advantage of the time to learn, have fun, and get to know the Spanish culture. He also warned students of the risk of contracting the so-called disease, 'Erasmitis', which "consists of students relating only to people who come from their own country, which prevents them from learning the Castilian language - a treasure that you can take from here."